August 9, 2018

ClassroomScreen: A Free Management Tool for Spanish Class is the classroom management tool I'm most excited to implement with my students this fall.  I attended an educational technology PD yesterday with the amazing Leslie Fisher and ClassroomScreen was my favorite takeaway. It would take me way too long to write about all it's features, so I'm going to show you instead. Check it out my video tutorial here (and please ignore my terrible hair day):

Let me summarize my favorite implementations of for the WL classroom:

1. The Volume/Sound Level Monitor

Not that this has ever happened to any of you, but I know I've had moments when I clearly explained that the volume level for students working was supposed to be a level 1 and within moments the class is screaming at a level 4.  It's maddening and kids seem completely oblivious to how stinking loud they are! 

Enter the ClassroomScreen volume monitor.  You set an acceptable volume marker and when gets go above that level, it turns red. Then you don't have to be the bad guy; ClassroomScreen tells the kids they were too loud. Boom. Done.

World Language classrooms aren't supposed to be silent; our students need to talk to learn the language, but that doesn't mean they have to be yelling. Agreed?

2. The Conversation Symbols

If you've read about my intense love for the CHAMPS classroom management system or use my CHAMPS expectations poster, you'll know why I LOVE the conversation symbols on  You can select silence, whisper, ask a neighbor, or work together.  Sure, you'll need to talk to students about what volumes go with each of these behaviors, but it will be easy to redirect students by point to the symbol on the board as a reminder. 

3. A Recurring Timer

This doesn't seem like a big deal, but a recurring timer is HUGE news for my classroom. My students do speed-dating interpersonal speaking practice often (I need to write a blog post on this, but think a bunch of students talking in an organized fashion and rotating to the next person when the timer goes off).  With speed-dating the recurring timer will be ideal.  

I've always just used a maraca every minute or two to let students know they need to rotate, but it's annoying and I sometimes forget.  With the ClassroomScreen recurring timer, I'll be able to set the length of the timer, the number of times I want the timer to start over, and that's it. 

4. You'll Wow Administrators During Evaluations

This goes without saying. is classroom management dream come true. It makes your expectations clear. If you aren't already, you'll look like a management rockstar and that section on your evaluation will be amazing. We all know teachers don't do things just for good evaluations, but it can't hurt right?

5. You Can Set the Target Language

This is kind of self-explanatory, but I love that I can set the language for ClassroomScreen. There's even an option for Castilian and Latin American Spanish. What language teacher doesn't love that? Plus, the language has a cute little flag that stays on the screen. Adorable. 

I'd really love your feedback on how you'd implement ClassroomScreen with your students!  Please comment below and share how you'd use it because I know there are a ton more uses I haven't considered. 


  1. Looks real user friendly! I cannot wait to install it and try it. Also appreciated the video as I am a show me kind of learner!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love the reset on the timer for those speaking activities. I have just read your blog on champs as well and would love to use that in my middle school classes. Thanks for the demonstration. It definitely made it more user friendly. Gracias

  3. Wow! I was not expecting to listen to a tutorial video today as I had so much to do, ut I am so glad that I did! What a great tool for classroom management. I will definitely use the conversation symbols. I have had principals come in in the past and they have said that some students were confused about what to do, or just chose to "play dumb" that they didn't understand. Well.... now they have a visual to follow. I think this will help the visual learners as well. Another feature I love is the voice sensor-keeping the volume low-you are right that kids don't realize (I teach at the high school level) how loud they get- and even if the principal is in the room! Oh! And the timer! Awesome that ll these features are on the same tab- I often have different websites doing many of these different I can focus on my class and not "fiddling" with the computer! Yay for being more efficient! Thank you so much for this!

  4. I can NOT wait to use this site! I really think I'll use Every. Single. Tool! Thanks so much for the clear, concise and illuminating tutorial. Best!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I have been using it this school year and I love it.

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